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The answer to my next question, which must be honest, and cold, and considered, without kindness or restraint. Clara, be my pal … and tell me … am I a good man?
– I … don’t know.
Neither do I.

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introduced my flatmates to d20 based Sandbox roleplay game. 

next year is going to be sooo much fun. :D

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In a sudden shocking moment, I saw Clara Oswald, (The Impossible Girl/puzzle to be solved/proud leaf owner), evolve into a RTD style fully fledged, three dimensional, actual human being with her own agency, and her own very important part to play in the tale.

The best part of the episode, in my opinion, was seeing Clara face off (geddit?) against the lead droid/robot/cyborg. Jenna must have had about ten whole minutes to herself. She certainly was gifted a massive chunk of the episode to carry, and not only did she lift the show, she brandished it heavyweight style above her 5’1 Victorian-attire-clad body.

Suddenly Clara becomes clear. We know her. She’s brave, but very scared. Her bravery seems to kick in with the adrenaline, and until then she staves off the rising terror with sarcasm and snappy banter. If you want Clara Oswald at peak condition, at her very very best, you threaten to hurt a friend. Because she never runs out on the people she loves. Even if they seem to have run out on her.

The flashbacks to Clara’s first day teaching at a school made all the difference to my interpretation of her. Seeing Ms Oswald have her usually in-control and optimistic persona challenged as we see her becoming ruffled and losing patience, makes her so much more human. Although she is often labelled ‘bossy’, I see a young woman desperate to be taken seriously, and to break away from her reputation as ‘sweet little Clara’. She means business, she has ambition, and I respect that in a woman.

Think of all the little girls watching Clara this episode. Maybe they want to be braver. Maybe people laugh at them because they’re girls whenever they try to take control. (I think a lot of us have been there). Maybe there are young women watching that are fighting to maintain their kindness and compassion but also navigate the professional world.

From Claudia Boleyn’s Deep Breath Review (x). Wonderfully written, as usual, and sums up most of my opinions of the episode. Check it out! (via isntthatwizard)

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If you think this is a joke then you’re not in college yet.

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How freaking much of a coincidence is this????


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district 11


ferguson civiliansimage

panem peacekeepers


ferguson police force 


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regardless of whether or not mike brown robbed a store, the chief of police in ferguson states the policeman who murdered him had no knowledge of the incident, making the crime itself and his death unrelated. 

ferguson pd also corroborates witness statements that the murderer stopped brown and his friend for jaywalking.

any further statements regarding the robbery itself, or the “good” nature of the policeman who committed the murder are stereotyped propaganda by the police and the media to demonise a murder victim and absolve his murderer.

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Is it time to rename “dystopian lit” as “realistic fiction” yet

hunger games “peacekeepers” anyone?

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In Ferguson, police have:
- Gunned down a teenager in the street, hands already above his head
- Referred to black neighborhoods as “fucking animals”
- Dispersed a candlelight vigil with tear gas and rubber bullets
- Occupied neighborhoods and stationed tanks on street corners
- Shut down a McDonald’s, arresting two reporters in the process
- Ordered media crews out of the city and confiscated video
- Arrested members of St. Louis city council for tweeting

So last semester I had a class on Haiti and we learned a lot about life under the various dictators of Haiti and…deja vu, man. deja vu.