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#twelve and clara

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facts about 82!!

  • 82 is the number of games a MLB team must win to win the season.
  • 82 is the atomic number of lead.
  • 82 is a “happy number”
  • 82 is also a “magic number”
  • 82 is international code for calls to South Korea
  • 82 is the number of followers tumblr blog lunaleven currently has!
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This blog loves Peter Capaldi as the Twelth Doctor

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finding out that someone you follow—whose other stuff you like—ships your NOtp is a special sort of betrayal.

finding out that they tag it, so you can block it, is almost worse, morally.

how much can you forgive a person?

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when did you start believing in impossible heroes?

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introducing a friend to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

did NOT realize how painful this was going to be, re-watching it….

whenever a certain person talks…

and she has NO IDEA oh god she’s shipping it HELP

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Cavalry Sword

  • Dated: 1765 - 1785
  • Culture: British
  • Measurements: 105.15 cm

The sword features a burnished steel hilt with ribbed pommel. The barrel-shaped spiral wooden grip is covered with white rayskin and silver gilt foil. The blade is two-edged and has a gilt panel with floral trellis, blued panel gold edge and with three fleur-de-lys, inscription, inner face with crowned “G R III”. The Carlton House Catalogue records that “this sword was worn by the Marquis of Granby at the Battle of Minden”.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II