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Jenny’s Original Music!



Hello, followers

I’m very excited to share with you new quality recordings of my original music! I have enjoyed writing songs in my free time for some years now, and last year my friend Miriam (who also goes by Ela frequently online), arranged my songs with the help of some great software and awesome musicians. I’m happy to say that I took some time last week to do recordings of my songs and I want to share them all with you (like an album of sorts.) I do lead vocals on all tracks. Music and lyrics were written by me except where otherwise noted. All other credits are given on my soundcloud descriptions. I hope you enjoy!!!

All On My Own

Can’t Lose the Faith - music by Miriam, lyrics by myself (an older track, somewhat lower in sound quality)

Crimson Love

Another Face - lyrics co-written with Rebecca

Work in Progress (another older track, demo-like sound quality)

Who Would Have Thought? 

Color In the Lines

Oh Captain

Crimson Love (Beat Version) 

My friend is an awesome songwriter!

friends’ music. is awesome, should listen. my fav. so far is “Color in the Lines” but I haven’t heard them all. :D so glad these are all up now

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Reasons why everyone on Tumblr should watch Chronicles of Syntax

  • It’s like a cross between Buffy, X-Men, and Doctor Who
  • It has YouTube stars Liam Dryden and Chris Kendall in it
  • The storyline is really cool and the characters have legit personalities with actual flaws
  • Half of the main cast is female including the main character and the two leaders of the villains
  • Not to mention the head writer is female (and completely adorable)
  • It’s on YouTube so it’s free and legal to watch so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR
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hi there

hello new followers! there are now SEVENTY SIX of you wow. <3 sorry I haven’t been/won’t e up to much on here this summer, my internship is keeping me CRAZY BUSY but I promise there should be more stuff happening once the fall semester starts so. thanks for following!

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holy shit there is a name for it

I identify as neither ace nor aro and I get this sometimes. 

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I didn’t know I was waiting for this but oh I was.

"he had a rather high-pitched, wheezy voice"


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lunaleven requested: Kai/D + Burn by Ellie Goulding

thank you! very nice <3

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*puts thumb between teeth* its a metaphor, you see. you have the power to quarrel, but can choose not to

ok this one wins

you can all go home now

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